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Cache Creek Treasure Hunters: Where Past Meets Present


Sunken ships. Hidden treasure. Mountains of gold.

Sound cool? That’s the world we live in. At Cache Creek Treasure Hunters, we work to uncover some of Alaska’s most storied and elusive treasures. Our team of experts spends months researching and working on the ground to excavate hidden gems and unearth Alaskan legends.

With several active projects under way, we plan on making 2019 our best year yet. If treasure-hunting and cultural excavations are your thing, we encourage you to keep reading to find out how you can sponsor our upcoming missions.

In this guide, we’ll focus on who we are and why we do what we do. Specifically, we’ll go over our team one-by-one and also discuss some of the most interesting Alaskan fables and legends and see how they factor into our upcoming expeditions.

With that being said, let’s dive right in!

Who We Are

Cache Creek Treasure Hunters is Alaska’s premier up-and-coming treasure hunting service. With a dedicated and expert crew with years of experience in the field, we seek to uncover the legendary hidden treasures of Alaska.

As a team of homegrown Alaskans, we recognize that there’s no better place to search for lost treasure. Simply put, Alaska is home to some of the most storied fables and lost-treasure legends—and we intend to investigate every one of them.

We are fascinated by stories of shipwrecks, murders, and the Gold Rush and work hard to separate myth from reality when it comes to Alaska’s most popular legends. Our team of experts carefully considers every fable and examines them for nuggets of truth.

Unfortunately, most legends don’t pass our strenuous evaluation. We spend extensive time researching every story that crosses our desks so that we can channel our time and resources where they really matter: on true hidden treasure.

Why do we do it?

It goes deeper than simply looking for pots of gold. In other words, we’re more than a bunch of fanatics looking for a bit of glory. In reality, we are a team of dedicated Alaskans working with a single mission: to bring Alaska’s storied past and classic culture back to light for future generations.

Simply put, we love our home, and we want to do everything we can to preserve its culture. What’s more, we believe that one of the best ways to navigate the future is to understand the past. As Alaskans, we take pride in knowing that the hidden treasures we explore and the stories surrounding them aren’t just buried relics—they’re cultural artifacts that help shape who we are as a people.

At Cache Creek Treasure Hunters, we know this one simple truth: the biggest treasure we unveil won’t be a ship of gold; it will be the roots of a greater Alaskan culture that binds us together and unites us as one.

As such, we strongly believe in the work we do. That’s why we use only the best equipment and most thorough practices in our work. We never jump into a project without substantial research—meaning that all our current projects have significant historical, cultural, and academic merit.

When researching, we utilize a broad approach that pulls information from a variety of sources. From word of mouth to maps and publications pulled straight out of Alaskan history, we comb all available resources so that we can adequately gauge the accuracy, authenticity, and reliability of popular fables and stories.

Once we have verified the authenticity of a legend or fable, we use special technology—including thermal ground penetrating radar, Lidar, and drones—to aid us in our recovery efforts. Often, we brave the harsh Alaskan wilderness, spending months on a single recovery.

When artifacts are in our possession, we return them to their respective historic institutions. This means that—whether we find lost native treasures or shipwrecked gold—we do everything in our power to give these items to the proper authorities, communities, or institutions.

With all this being, let’s take a detailed look at our team. Each member of our organization plays a key role helping rediscover lost Alaskan treasures.

Sam Britch—Founder and President

Sam at the lost Mayan ruins of Tulum.

Sam Britch is the founder and president of Cache Creek Treasure Hunters. With life-long experience in the field, Sam is finishing up his Bachelors of Geo Sciences. His decision to found Cache Creek Treasure Hunters stems from a lifelong passion for all things outdoors—and all things Alaska.

A dedicated Eagle Scout with a wife and two daughters, Sam enjoys fishing, hunting, mining, trapping—and, of course, gold mining. Since an early age, Sam has devoted himself to finding the lost treasures of Alaska, a passion he nurtured into founding and becoming the inaugural president of Cache Creek Treasure Hunters.

As the head of the organization, Sam seeks to grow our nonprofit into a valuable resource for all Alaskans who wish to reclaim and become more intimate with their cultural heritage.

Jacques Alleva—Founder and Project Manager

Jacques with his best bud.

Fellow founder and current organizational secretary Jacques Alleva hails from a long line of businessmen. Raised in a mining family, Jacques grew up around his family’s iron business and auction company.

Concurrently with his project manager position, Jacques works as a realtor. For the organization, he plays a key networking role and generally manages organizational equipment.

Jacques lives with his wife, daughter, and dog Kora.

Bob Britch—Environmental Expert

Bob enjoying his favorite pas time - Salmon fishing!

Bob Britch serves as our nonprofit’s chief environmental expert, holding a B.S. and a C.S in civil engineering. In addition to this, Bob is a registered engineer, a certified inshore hydrographer, twenty-year owner of a consulting, permitting, environmental, and engineering service, and serves as part of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

Another lifelong Alaskan, Bob understands the culture, terrain, and scientific landscape of Alaska better than anyone. In short, he is the technological basis behind our operation. With decades of experience in the field, he serves as one of our team’s most valued experts.

Chad Granoski

Chad & Fam.

A dedicated enthusiast, Chad serves as our organization’s chief treasure investigator. With experience working with professional investigation television crews, Chad has the knowledge and the skill to run a professional operation.

Like our other members, Chad is a lifelong treasure hunting fanatic with a passion for detail. His professional knowledge and expertise look to guide our crew through several major upcoming expeditions.

Our team is committed to finding and excavating the lost treasures of Alaska! Through hard work, dedication, and unending research, we expect our nonprofit to emerge as Alaska’s leading treasure hunting organization.

What This Means for You

Let’s face it: we’ve all wanted to search for hidden treasure. It’s in our blood. As humans, we are drawn to the intrigue of the unknown and the desire to shed light on some of the world’s great unsolved mysteries.

At Cache Creek Treasure Hunters, we know what it takes to bring the past to light. In short, we are living out our dreams of becoming professional investigators. With major projects just around the corner, we are excited to offer you a chance to invest in or sponsor one of our expeditions.

But what would this mean for you?

Simply put, it means that you will have the opportunity to participate in history. Think about it this way: who doesn’t want to be part of the team that finally gets to the bottom of the Cache Creek murders? By sponsoring our upcoming expeditions, you can add your name to an exclusive list and cement yourself in the annals of Alaskan history.

What’s more, you will be helping thousands of Alaskans reunite with their culture heritage. Through sponsoring our projects, you can help write a new chapter of Alaskan history in which myths morph into reality and hidden treasures become national gems.

As a nonprofit who relies on your donations, we encourage those with likeminded visions to invest in our endeavors and help us make history. In doing so, you will not only be helping our team make breakthrough successes, but you will be solidifying the state of Alaska as one of the cultural bastions of the United States.

Additionally, through your donations, you can help return buried or lost artifacts to their respective communities or historical institutions that can properly care for them. Help restore the native cultures of our great state and bring hidden treasures to light!

Simply put, investing in Cache Creek Treasure Hunters is an investment in both the future and the past of the great state of Alaska. By bringing the past to the forefront, we believe that we can forge a new history for all Alaskans—one built on a shared common culture and a desire to hearken back to our state’s most storied days.

So don’t wait! If you’re as excited about our projects as we are, we invite you to contact us today. One of our team members will be waiting to speak to you to tell you just what your donation means for our nonprofit, our future expeditions, and for the state of Alaska.

Upcoming Projects

With winter coming to an end, our expert team looks to embark on missions that have been years in the making. Most notably, our Cache Creek Project looks to cap off several years of research by literally bringing home the gold.

At the moment, we have four treasure expedition projects planned—but we’ll need your help to get us there. As a 501c3 nonprofit, our one goal is to recover Alaska’s long-lost treasures.

Want to know more about our Cache Creek and other projects? Check out the information below, and be sure to stick around to see how you can support our expeditions—and to find out why it’s so important that you do.

The Cache Creek Project

Adventure, mystery, and fortune collide in our much-awaited Cache Creek Project. This ambitious project dives straight into one of the most mysterious tales in all of Alaskan folklore.

And as true treasure hunters, we look to get straight to the bottom of it.

What do you get when you cross potential mountains of gold with remote Alaskan wilderness and little-to-no police force? An unsolved mystery eighty years in the making.

Born from the mysterious death of the Jenkins family in 1939, the Cache Creek Project takes us straight into the heart of Alaskan gold-mining territory.

Records indicate that a string of brutal and unsolved murders took place in Alaska’s remote gold mining region during the 1939 mining season. This spree, which ended with four deaths, was never solved—despite several attempts by the local population to bring in the FBI.

These sensational murders, which rocked the locals at the time, involved the deaths of Frank and Helen Jenkins and one of their young employees. Also found dead near the Jenkins’s cabin near Little Willow Creek was Dick Francis.

Francis, who had been a long-time mining partner of Jenkins, had come to despite his old friend due to lengthy court battles involving disputed mining territories.

With Francis dead by apparent suicide, prosecutors quickly locked the door on what had at-first appeared a murder suicide. Francis, they believed, had gone on a blind rampage, bludgeoning the Jenkins’s and their young employee to death.

Then, in his guilt, he had taken his own life with a bullet to his head.

However, for some, the case didn’t add up. Their suspicions were proven right when a subsequent autopsy revealed two gunshot wounds to Francis’s head—suggesting that he had been murdered, too.

What really happened that brutal Alaskan day? Had there been another suspect not named in reports who had killed both Francis and Jenkins? What motive could they have had?

Could it have something to do with the rumored millions of dollars in gold rumored to be on the Jenkins’ property?

We’ve set to find out.

Captivated by this tale, we’ve done our research for several years. Now, with the weather permitting, we plan to solve this old mystery and—quite literally—find fabled lost gold.

We’re confident in our research and in the expertise of our team to find out if, in fact, a large stash of gold could possibly have motivated these cold-blooded 1939 murders.

Adak Island Project

Our Adak Island Project takes us a literal treasure hunt in search of over one million dollars believed to have been buried by Captain Gregory Dwargstof of the Hitsap in 1892.

This ambitious project seeks to uncover the truth behind rumors that Dwargstof, who captained a seal-killing ship, had pirated gold from the Sealing Association.

And, yes, in case you’re wondering, that does mean we’re looking for a pirate’s lost treasure.

But in our case, we’re pretty sure that Red Bluff Hill on Adak Island marks the spot. Though we don’t have a literal treasure map to follow, we’ve become so familiar with the ancient folklore to know one thing: Dwargstof’s ancient treasure likely remains buried on Adak Island.

And we intend to find it.

Need even more proof? Several coins have already been found in the area, giving credence to the notion that Dwargstof—and likely other pirates—made Adak Island their treasure burial ground.

Despite this, no one has been able to recover the $1,000,000 in missing gold reportedly buried on the island.

With our highly-trained and expert team, we set out to do what no one else has done: recover this gold that, by all means, was never meant to be found.

S.S. Aleutian Shipwreck

We’ve all heard tales of lost, shipwrecked gold.

But what if we said that we have reason to believe that one of them is true? Even better, what if this wreck contained anywhere between $8,000,000 to $24,000,000 in gold?

Located just off Kodiak Island, the S.S. Aleutian Shipwreck is rumored to contain a bounty that is sure to catch the eyes of any true adventurer.

It certainly caught ours.

Now, after years of research, it’s time to put these theories to the test to see just what this mysterious island contains. We’re positive that these ancient rumors of shipwrecked gold hold some truth to them.

How much, however, is up to us to find out.

Chitina Project

The legend of Cortez D. Thompson has regaled generations with tales of up to $50,000 in buried gold. Thompson, better known as “Cort,” was the mastermind behind several rigged card games that reportedly earned him up to $50,000 during the height of the Alaskan Gold Rush.

His dubious ways caught up to him, however, during a bawl with Soapy Smith and Jefferson Randolph. Cort, running from the pair in fear, eventually fled Alaska—but not before hiding his fortune first.

This $50,000 fortune is rumored to have been buried near or even inside the town of Chitina.

And while we can’t know where it’s buried for sure, there’s one thing we know for certain:

If it’s there, we’re going to find it.

The Chitina Project caps off the first of our four major treasure-hunting expeditions.

How You Can Help

As home-grown Alaskans, we have adventure running through our blood. We’ve dedicated years of our personal lives and our professional expertise to studying these long-famed Alaskan rumors.

But while we’re itching for adventure, we recognize that we cannot complete these projects alone.

Instead, as a 501c3 nonprofit, we rely on the largesse of sponsors like you. Join us in taking the opportunity to open a new chapter in these time-honored Alaskan legacies.

Currently, we’re concentrating our efforts on our Cache Creek Project and are in need of capital to help back our adventure.

We humbly thank any sponsors in advance and would like to offer a word to potential sponsors.

As you consider sponsoring our projects, please keep the following information in mind:

We’re a Team of Professionals

First, do remember that we’re not in it just for the fun—though we’re sure there’ll be a lot of that.

We’re a team of professionals who have dedicated a considerable amount of time and personal resources to bring the projects as far as they’ve come.

Our knowledge gives us unique access to finding these hidden treasures. Unlike others who may go on a wild goose chase, we have based our expeditions on years of historical and scientific research.

We’ve Done Our Research

Which leads us to our second point: we’ve done our homework.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who is more familiar with these Alaskan folktales than we are. And we’re confident you won’t find anyone who can match our relevant historical knowledge and in-the-field experience.

This makes us uniquely capable of solving these time-honored mysteries.

We Won’t Stop Until We Succeed

Our biggest asset, however, isn’t the fact that we’re experts in the field. It doesn’t even come in the fact that we’ve dedicated our professional careers to organizing these expeditions.

Instead, we’re most proud of our drive to get the job done. We remain uniquely driven to recovering these famed Alaskan relics, and we’ll stop at nothing until we have the answers we’re looking for.

This same drive has kept our expeditions alive during the brutally-cold Alaskan winters, where we’ve been unable to do anything but pour over the historical evidence. And though we’re proud of the job we’ve done so far, it’s time we admit:

We can’t go any further without you, and time is of the essence.

With the ground finally thawing out, we have limited opportunities to find this hidden treasure. After mining season, when the cold sets in, we’ll be once again limited in our endeavors as the ground freezes.

For this reason, we must act now—and we’re calling on you to help us.

We’re asking all potential sponsors to join us in helping to add another layer to Alaska’s deep history. By solving the mysteries behind these time-honored tales, we’ll be one step closer to unveiling the mask hiding some of the state’s greatest secrets.

Be on the right side of history. Interested sponsors should call or contact us today to find out more on how to be part of these groundbreaking expeditions.

We again thank all sponsors in advance.

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