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In 1939, four brutal murders occurred at three separate locations on a single day in Cache Creek country, a remote Alaska gold-mining region near the town of Talkeetna. The case assumed sensational proportions in Alaska and, because law enforcement was minimal in this remote region, angry Alaskans clamored for a full-blown investigation by the FBI. More than seventy five years later, the evidence never made public before whispers that justice may not have been served. What many may not know, is that millions of dollars of stashed gold remain lost.

Adak Island Project

It has been estimated that over one million dollars was buried on Adak Island by the captain of the Hitsap, a ship engaged in killing seals. Captain Gregory Dwargstof, of the Hitsap, had stolen this gold from the Sealing Association, of which he was a member, then buried it somewhere on Red Bluff Hill on Adak Island in 1892. Several coins have been found, but the $1,000,000 still waits to be uncovered.

S.S. Aleutian Shipwreck

It is possible that one shipwreck off Kodiak Island may contain somewhere between $8,000,000 and $24,000,000 in gold in its battered hulk, and it is also very probable.

Chitina Project

Cortez D. Thompson, better known in Denver as Cort, was the card-playing, free-wheeling husband of Martha A. Silks, a madam during Denvers lurid red-light-district days. Cort went to Alaska during the gold rush and is said to have accumulated a fortune of $50,000 in gold through crooked card games. When he became involved in a brawl with Jefferson Randolph and Soapy Smith, Cort fled Alaska, leaving his gold buried someplace in or near the town of Chitina.

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