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There is a lot that goes into recovering relics. First on the drawing board is to decide which relic(s) to recover. There are countless stories and legend of lost treasure in Alaska. Most aren't real. First we need to verify the legitimacy of the treasure. Once we believe that the treasure is a real thing, then starts the research. Hours, days, months, and even years go into researching a certain lost treasure. We utilize so many different research technologies. Maps from the turn of the century, libraries, word of mouth, personal interviews, etc. Once we get enough research, we plan our attack. Recoveries can last a few days up to a few months. We set up a base camp and hit the ground running. Most of our lost Alaskan relics aren't easy to get to. We have to travel long distances through the extreme Alaskan terrain to reach them. Once we reach the search area, the searching begins. Thermal, Ground Penetrating Radar, drones, Lidar, all kinds of technologies are deployed as we search for our relics.